a note for future self: a simple happiness

My fondest memory of my childhood were the hundreds of mundane afternoons that strung one after each other where I would pluck vines from the playground of my daycare and tie them to the monkey bars because I was convinced I could be Tarzan and build my own jungle. Each afternoon, I had to start anew, with the bare metal frame of the bars and slowly build the botanical layers. With my poor grasp of physics, my brain had committed to the idea that a plausible goal of each day’s construction was to build a jungle from the frail vines that could sustain my body weight, so I could swing about like a true creature of the wild. The funniest, but most endearing part about the memory was that I was so enthralled by this process that I voluntarily did the exact same thing every afternoon I had a chance to. Each afternoon, forgetting my lack of success the previous day in building a complete jungle, I would start from scratch, with a greater sense of purpose than before, that today, I was going to finish. This pure, unrelenting persistence for something that really didn’t yield anything in return, something so futile it makes children seem like the most strange beings, this is what I love the most about this memory. It is the small idiosyncrasies like these that lay the foundation of who I am. It is what I first learned to derive happiness in life from. It was simple. It didn’t cost a penny. That’s what true happiness should be. A visceral experience that are sometimes inexplicable.


I wanted to share this anecdote so that future me can look back on this post and remind herself the beauty of failure, the need for resilience, and its inherent existence within each and every one of us from birth. That zealous 7 year old girl needs you to show her that you have not forgotten how a strong self belief is worth infinitely more than the daily rejection by mother nature and the laws of physics. This is little Selina telling you to not just endure, but enjoy the challenges that life throws at your way. Find happiness from it, discover contentment within yourself.


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